BMW-Tower, 80809 Munich

The movable wall has a height of approximately 8 meters, is equipped with semi automatic, operation EASYmatic. The contact feed-in of the movable wall is made as a special construction in the center of the main track. Flap wing as a niche seal on the left and right behind the wall panels for the stop with the steering roller according to Z3 L.
The surface is a special surface in aluminum structure elexoiert on black MDF, from company Alanod, supplier of the BMW aluminum sheet for car.



System Premium EASYmatic
Operation semiautomatic
Dimension 19.260 x 7.000 mm
Surface Aluminium
Akustic Nüsing Special edition
sound reduction  Rw,P 57 dB
Design Calcanto Werbeagentur | Realisierung

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